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Father's Day!

Hands up everyone who has trouble finding the perfect gift on Father's Day? I always struggle with finding something great when shopping for my Dad, and my husband is equally difficult to find something for when I take the kids shopping so they can get their presents! Men are so hard to buy for! Unless they love receiving socks and underpants!! So how about something a little different this year? We always tend to think of Mums, Aunties, Nans, female friends etc when sending cake as a gift don't we? But men love to eat cake too! A box of cupcakes would be something a little different to send this year as well as being home made! Get the kids...

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Which Edible Paper??

Here's a comparison between wafer paper and icing paper just incase you're struggling to decide which is best for you! As you can see, the icing paper is thicker than the wafer and also has a sweet taste. The regular wafer paper is flavourless so would be good to add to savoury treats! (Since writing this we have added sweetened vanilla wafer paper to our shop. It's exactly the same as regular wafer paper but with a slightly sweet flavour. This obviously wouldn't be good on savoury treats!) The quality of the print is good on either paper but I'd say the colours are slightly more vibrant on the icing paper. Icing paper is better to use over dark coloured...

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